Explore Central Park with Wonderful Central Park Horse and Carriage Ride

New York is a bustling city, where thousands of people visit every year to witness the fast moving city life and other tourist attractions. However, if you wish to find peace, then Central Park can be a good option for you to surround yourself with the lush green trees and beautiful sights. Nothing could beat going for a walk in the park, renting a bike or walking, it certainly makes the whole experience a lot more exciting and personalized. And while you approach a reliable company, it’s also quite inexpensive and more importantly, worth seeing.

Spread in a huge area, central park has plenty of places and spots, which should surely be on the top of your bucket list. Central park is rich in every aspect; it is a wonderful location for any heritage lover, and eye warming for any nature enthusiast. However, sightseeing in the Central Park can be more exciting if you are guided at each point and told about the history of each spot! To facilitate the visitors with the proper guidance and amazing tour of this infamous urban park, a few tour providers offer central park horse carriage tours, which cover all the major spots inside the park. A visit to central park is a retreat for anyone, it has many sculptures to be viewed, it has a huge reservoir at its north end, and it has a Shakespeare garden that is famous for the smell its roses, which is located in the mid-park. There is also a beautiful conservatory garden at the north end, with the loch. Central park also has huge lawn, called great lawn. On the south end, it has the mall and literary walk, Central park zoo, the pond and many more.

If you are someone, who is looking forward to visit the central park, then VIP Central Park Tours can arrange your tour in the best possible manner. VIP Central Park Tours offers you the most memorable central park horse and carriage ride, which covers every important destination inside the central park, including the ice skating rink, Bethesda fountains and terrace, strawberry field, cherry hill plaza, the dairy, sheep’s meadow, tavern on the green and the carousel. They make sure that all their customers receive a VIP treatment like they commit.

About VIP Central Park Tours:

VIP Central Park Tours offers amazing eco-friendly sightseeing tours of Central Park, with attractive offers on a variety of New York VIP tours. They have team of experienced and professional tour guides, which can offer you tours in more than 5 languages, as per your convenience. To know more, please visit Vipcentralparktours.com.


Make your Trip Memorable by Visiting the Gossip Girl Spots with NYC Pedicab Tours

New York is probably the most popular and convivial city in the US. It is known for its vibrant culture, nightlife, fashion, art food and theaters. And as a tourist, you will find some of unique things in this incredible city. You can experience a subway ride, where you can explore the beauty of the city and admire the architecture of some of the oldest civic buildings. Other fascinating places include the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Trinity Church and Central Park. Central Park, however, is one of the most popular and breathtaking attractions of the Ney York City. It has gardens, sculptures, beautiful sceneries, and statues. And being an admirer of the famous show, Gossip Girls, you can get the opportunity of visiting the places where some of the most spectacular scenes of Gossip Girls were shot!

Gossip Girl Tour is a renowned tour company that can make your trip to Central Park, a memorable one, with some of the best tourist guides, who will keep you informed about exactly where different scenes of the show were picturized and keep you entertained throughout the trip. Gossip Girl Tour New York offers the most comfortable bus tours, pedicab tours and other private tours, to visit the places where the hot actors from Gosip Girls, like Serena van der Woodsen, Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf etc.

Gossip Girl Tour offers affordable NYC pedicab tours which you can avail within your means. Their tours are completely eco-friendly and let you explore the beauty of Central Park along with some of the popular sites of the Gossip Girl show. They offer a wide range of outdoor activities from hiking, bike riding to simply relaxing with your family or friends in a live concert with suitable packages, accommodating the needs of everyone.

About Gossip Girl Tour:

Gossip Girl Tour is a leading tour service provider company, located in the New York City. Whether you want to take a ride of the Central Park or Manhattan on pedicab, or see the popular Gossip Girl show’s spots, Gossip Girl Tour guarantees you an unforgettable experience with your loved ones. For more information, log on to Gossipgirltour.com.