The Need for Fast Charging Stations and Network Adapters

In this fast-paced world, everyone is running after extended battery support for his/ her mobile devices and other electronic gadgets. With frequent use of such gadgets, their running out of battery is quite common. To have optimal use of electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablet PCs; they need to be charged for sometime before accessing them again while on the go. This charging time can be a problematic situation considering the slow speed of charging and lack of long-term battery support that these devices offer. This is where the need for fast USB charging station arises. Such fast USB charging stations can power all your smart devices without causing the problem of carrying around different charging cables for each device.

The USB charging stations have been around for quite some time in the industry. The fast charging USB stations ensure that your idle time is minimal and your device is ready and charged to work while on the go for long duration. These USB charging stations are easy to use, lightweight and small in size that makes it easy to carry around. Apart from fast chargers, another problem that smart devices often incur is the use of different sized cables. Different cables cause problems of mobility and connectivity for such devices.

The different types of cable such as Type C, USB 3.0 and the usual 2.0 cables offer difference in speeds of charging and data transfer, which is one of the major reasons for their use in various devices. However, finding connecting devices such as a USB network adapter is vital in order to ensure connectivity for these devices with other devices through LAN or HDMI cables. Various brands offer such network adapters and power banks that offer support to multiple devices using the variety of cable forms and sizes and one such leading company is InnoPlus.

InnoPlus is a reliable company that offers car chargers, power banks, USB C cables & adapters among other such products. Their range of products offers high-speed connectivity and charging along with other class-leading features. You can find solutions to all your device charging or connectivity issues with products of InnoPlus.

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TouchIT Technologies

Different Types of Technology used on Interactive Flat Panels

Avoid Overlays and Non-Integrated units

To the inexperienced, a TV and a touch overlay would seem to present a school with an inexpensive option for an Interactive Flat Panel, but this really doesn’t work.

An overlay is a second piece of technology that lays on the screen of a regular TV or monitor to create a touch screen. The problem with this technology is that while it may be cheaper than a fully integrated unit – by integrated we mean that the touch component as well as the screen are all in one – the experience that you get as a user is not good.

First, there is a problem with accuracy due to something called a large parallax. A parallax refers to the amount of space there is between your finger or pen pointing at the screen and where the cursor is displayed on the screen. With the larger parallax you get when using an overlay, this causes problems when you try to do things that require great accuracy – manipulating an Excel sheet for example. It’s hard to have accuracy with an overlay.

Think of how many times on NBC’s Monday Night Football [1] you see the presenters touching the same player two or three times to try and move him around. This is because of the large parallax on their screen.

Second, the overlays never seem to actually fit the screen properly. This causes problems as the screen and overlay get out of sync. You need to recalibrate often to regain the accuracy – rather like with the Interactive Whiteboards you are looking to replace!


Infra-Red and Surface Light Wave Technology are two of the most common touch technologies found on Interactive Flat Panels today.


The way they work is by casting an invisible grid across the surface of the panel. When you touch the screen, you break the infra-red line of sight across the X and the Y axis creating a coordinate. The computer converts this coordinate into a mouse position. This is how you control the computer from the screen.

Infra-Red is also good for multi-touch input as it accurately tracks the multiple mouse positions. The technology is incredibly fast and accurate and it is not humanly possible to move your finger quicker than the technology can track. This technology is not pressure sensitive so you don’t need to press hard on the surface.

PCAP (Projected Capacitive)

PCAP or Projected Capacitive technology is a totally flat “iPad[2] like” surface. This is very much the future of the Interactive Flat Panel as the technology is very responsive and the flat surface provides a fantastic user experience when using the touch screen. The problem is that the technology is really just now being used for larger screens so is very expensive. You are looking at somewhere between one and half to twice the cost of the same sized infra-red touch unit. This will put PCAP out of range of most education budgets at this time.


There are a number of other technologies out there. Five and Seven wire resistive technology as well as Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW). These technologies are really not suited to the large screen and are much more accustomed for smaller monitors of 24” or below.

They are also not great for touch-based annotation (with a finger or pen) and are more commonly found on Point of Sale (POS) machines where you are simply registering clicks on an unchanging screen – such as you would find at the checkout of a grocery store or in a restaurant.

[2]iPad is a Registered Trademark of Apple Inc

What about Chrome on TouchIT Technologies Interactive Flat Panels?

Chromebooks and Chrome OS have taken the education market by storm over the last 18 months. They are particularly attractive due to their low cost and simple browser-based cloud applications which make managing Chromebooks easier than Windows or MAC for school IT departments. We’re pleased to confirm that TouchIT Technologies Interactive Flat Panels support Google Chrome.

Chromebooks are rapidly becoming the hardware of choice for schools. More Google Chromebooks are sold in the U.S. than Apple Macs, according to the latest figures from analyst firm IDC released in April this year. If all the students in a class are going to use the Chromebooks, you’ll want to be able to collaborate together and the LED will still remain the focal point of this.

There are a couple of things to remember when thinking about Chrome OS and Chromebooks in the classroom. First, while Google announced earlier this year that Chromebooks will have access to the Google Play Store and be able to run Android Apps, this is not the case for all Chromebooks and it is not available for older models.

There are only specific models -which tend to be near the higher end of the pricing scale – that can actually access the Play Store and the Android Apps. So, if you are planning to deploy Chromebooks in your school or district, and downloading Angry Birds for Android was high on your priority list, check the model with Google to see if they are compatible first.

Chrome itself is designed for Cloud Computing. It is not designed to have lots of applications installed on the Chromebooks for the students to use. Therefore, when you are considering Chromebooks, you really need to compare your software strategy needs against what will run on them. Chromebooks by nature do tend to be very underpowered with just enough juice to run a browser and navigate the web, so these are not a direct replacement for MAC and PC machines.

That said, you can get software applications that are designed to run in a browser, such as the Oktopus software that TouchIT Technologies supplies with its LEDs. Oktopus can facilitate connections, so that a student can see what is happening on the LED screen on their Chromebook too. Students can answer questions that are created on the LED with the education tools and then pushed out to the Chromebooks. Students can also interact directly with the LED in “collaboration mode” allowing them to annotate from their Chromebook on the LED and with other students in the class.

Chromebooks are no doubt a great tool and the access to information, resources, and the web that they provide to students at a low cost makes them very attractive to schools. Because the units are underpowered, double check with any hardware manufacturer that their hardware is supported on Chrome, as not everything is. It’s also worth checking that any software you plan to use is supported on the Chromebooks too.

With Mixcloud Bot Create and Promote your Music Worldwide

Composing music is passion for many. Such talented artists believe in nurturing their skills and are always eager to spread their work to maximum number of audiences. However, not every music enthusiast or passionate musician gets the right platform and funds to take his talent to the commercial level and earn good money. But in today’s world of online media and promotional tools, it has become quite easier for people to grab the attention of music listeners worldwide.

Well, thanks to Soundcloud that has made almost every aspect of music simple and easier. It is in fact, the most popular online music streaming platform that has millions of songs stored in its cloud and is accessed and streamed by billions of music listeners across the world. Similar to it is Mixcloud website that also offers an exceptional platform to stream and share music online. To enhance your mixcloud experience mixcloud bot is an automated tool that supports multiple features like mixing, fading, delay controls; multi-threading, automatic update etc. that takes your music to a whole new level.

Using Soundcloud is indeed the best idea to promote your song and make it reach billions of online listeners. It provides you exceptional user end support and easy to use configurations to make songs, remixes and podcasts worth listening to. Moreover, some of the automated bots which are compatible with soundcloud helps to promote your composition on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by sharing it on these platforms.

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Avail the Top Class Photo Scanning Service from a Reliable Company

Whether you have a collection of old pictures, negative films and even albums, crafting them to digitalized versions is a good option. One of the ways is to search for a reliable and the best quality photo scanning service.

With time, the color and clarity of your photographs tend to fade, which in turn affects their quality. Factually, the photographable prints are quite flimsy and even their handling needs some additional care. Though, there are many companies rendering photo scanning services which can help to store your snaps digitally and assure that these can be pleasured for years to come.

The photo scanning services digitize your photos to save the previous videos, tapes and VHS too. Using these services, you can put all your memories onto a DVD so as to have a back up copy with no chances of fading out whatsoever. Plus, the customized photos have sustained and improved image quality and you can share them on different social media to gain popularity.

Moreover, the photo scanning services make use of the most professional and advanced devices along with the workflow systems. With the help of such services, you can get your pictures to be preserved digitally at affordable prices.

Now-a-days, there are many companies offering photo scanning services and more people are availing benefits to get their old photographs digitized. These are the photo scanning solutions that make it convenient and affordable to convert your snapshots to digitalized one.

FotoBridge is a privately owned business that offers you the best photo scanning service to capture your special moments and makes sharing your memories with your family and friends easy. They have a team of photo scanning professionals to scan all your photographs to make them digitally stored. They emphasize on creating digital photographs rather than having a bulk of old tangible ones.

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Hire Reliable San Francisco Web Design Company for an Innovative Website

In today’s digital era, having a creative and innovative web design matters a lot. Top management and executives of almost every organization understand the importance of having a well-structured San Francisco web design and greatly planned digital strategy. An interactive website adds notable credibility to a business organization. As consumers all around the world believe and trust businesses, services and products that have a high digital existence, having a competent web design can help a company in standing out of the crowd. Due to rapid digitalization and the everyday changing trends, it is important for businesses to keep themselves and their websites updated in order to retain their current market position (or even improve it).

In order to reach to the heights, a business wants to reach the management and authorities must be well acquainted about the current digital vogue. But just knowing isn’t all that it takes, implementation of the strategy is more important and in order to execute it with perfection, businesses need to hire digital marketing expert agencies. There are numerous services that help these businesses and organizations to crawl to the top of their vertical by making their digital marketing game stronger. Apart from an incredible web design, these services also provide guidance and assistance in methods like creating WordPress sites, mobile friendly responsive websites, Search Engine Optimization of websites and a lot more. One such company that provides comprehensive web design services in San Francisco is San Francisco Web

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Route to Reliable Online Supplier Offering Wholesale Used Mobile Phones UK

Cell phones have become one of the indispensable elements of everyday life. The increasing pace with which the smartphone technology is evolving, updating and improving, it’s no wonder that one day you will be able to do things with phones that are impossible to do manually. The choices are endless and so, choosing the best among those requires a lot of research. Buying a mobile phone online offers you a wide array of choices with different price ranges to meet your specific requirements. The internet has many options: you can either buy a cell phone from a manufacturer’s website, from the wholesale stores that offer unbeatable discounts or from the auction sites where you can place a bid for a phone model of your choice. Thus, choosing to buy a cell phone online will offer you the added luxury of comparison shopping. You can compare not only the costs but also the features of different models by using online tools.

Selling online wholesale mobile phones in UK is one of the most important & widespread businesses that include extensive range of models includingApple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry and several more. The wholesale market works on comprehensive market research to conclude on the offering value, condition & prices of mobile phones. You can also find wholesale used mobile phones UK with them. The wholesalers offering this unique range of products sell second-hand mobile phones that are in good condition and have very minor signs of use. For consumers, buying phones through the reliable online platform offers an opportunity to buy amazing phones with huge amount of cost-effectiveness.

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