Irish Celtic Men and Women’s Engagement Rings from John Christopher!

So, finally you have found that one person with whom you can share your happiness and your life? If yes, then great! Then, it is the time to buy an engagement ring for her or him.

However, buying Diamond Engagement Rings, is one of the most time consuming and confusing tasks as you do not know if your partner will like it or not.

There is a lot of pressure as rings are considered the symbol of love and togetherness and the commitment of always supporting and staying together through thick and thin for your partner. So, make sure you buy a unique John Christopher engagement ring which reminds them of your love till the very end of time.

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the perfect Engagement Ring:

1) Decide a Budget- It is the first thing before visiting a jewellery store as there is no limit when it comes to diamond and gold wedding rings.

2) Find the right size–The perfect size means the perfect ring for your partner but this is one of the most difficult parts of buying your engagement ring. Just borrow a ring from your partner without them knowing of course, and find the size from that. You can use our Handy Size chart available on to help with international sizes.

3) Choose the best quality Diamond – If you are looking for a beautiful diamond ring for your beloved, then check all the 4“Cs”(cut, clarity, carat weight, and color) that determine the quality of the ring.

Once you have gathered all information needed and decide on the style of ring you want to buy, head over to our range Diamond Wedding Bands where you will find a wonderful exclusive collection of the highest quality Irish and Celtic hand crafted engagement and wedding rings, all made by our master ring makers in our Dublin Studio.

The beautiful collection of diamond rings reflects the art and beliefs of people in love and commitment. Each collection is inspired by the history and folklore of Ancient Celtic Ireland. Our Jewelery is steeped in Irish history and stories told across time and through the ages of Ireland To know more, you may log on to