Buy the Best Quality Furniture for Synagogue

The synagogue furniture is a center of Jewish life. It is the place where Jews meet for worship and other religious events. The synagogues also host community prayers, religious events and lifestyle milestones like marriage and bar mitzvahs. A synagogue is also used as a community centre and a place to study religious scriptures. Synagogues are considered equivalent of the temple and therefore all the synagogues are decorated with artistically designed furniture, carpets, lamps and other unique symbols from Judaism. A synagogue is generally filled with things like prayer books, menorah, Aron Kodesh, eliyahu chair and more. Items like the Holy Ark and Aron Kodesh are permanent fixtures of synagogue.

It has long been a traditional practice for Jews to decorate synagogues with top class and appealing furniture. Jewish communities make sure that the synagogue’s interior arrangements are comfortable, unique and pleasant. Good inner environment in religious centers brings positive vibes in the devotees. Furniture is amongst the most important aspects of Jewish religious centers, as the most pieces of furniture represent religious beliefs and they need to be manufactured and designed with utmost perfection.

For instance, making the synagogue Ark is a specialist craft. To make the center cabinet, solid wood element and panels covered with a matching veneer is needed. It can be decorated with engraved verses from the Torah and decorative colored glass but it has to carry certain tradition traits. Slimier to this there are many important piece of furniture required in a synagogue and to make those pieces furniture knowledgeable and devoted professionals are needed.

The furniture design and production process follows intense collaboration between the manufacturer and the synagogue authorities. Every detail of the production is planned according to the customary style in the particular community and many other ethnic customs. Apart from the Holy Ark, Aron Kodesh and similar items, general furniture that is required for sitting and other arrangements also need rightful professional assistance. Cabinet dimensions and the size of stackable, Yeshivot etc. are determined by the number of worshippers, length and breadth of prayer hall. If you are looking for someone to make synagogue furniture, then go for Lavi Furniture.

Lavi furniture is a leading furniture company, expert in making furniture for synagogue. They work tirelessly to ensure that the seating, decoration and other furniture items meet the client’s needs. Apart from that, they work with the motive to create an environment of divinity and worship in the most serene way.

About Lavi Furniture:

Lavi Furniture, founded in 1960, is the leading furniture company offering synagogue renovation and restoration. From Holy Ark, Aron Kodesh to Yeshivot, Lavi Furniture can make anything for you.

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