Bunion 101: Everything You Should Know About That Big Toe Bump

Bunions are not only unsightly, but they also cause pain. Millions of Americans have bunions, yet many of them do not notice it. Bunions might not be noticeable right away, and only become apparent when they have reached later stages.

Although the exact cause of bunions remains to be a topic of controversy, people agree that wearing stilettos and other tight, narrow shoes leads to its development. Bunions have different stages and become increasingly painful.

Who gets bunions?

Anyone can have bunions, but it mostly affects women. It can also be hereditary. So if you have family members who have it, there’s a big chance you’ll have it too. Those who love to run or work out are also at risk of developing bunions as their feet are always rubbing against their shoes.

How are bunions treated?

A lot of people think that bunions can only be treated with surgery. However, this is just one of the many myths that need to be debunked. Bunions can be treated without surgery. There are more conservative methods that provide pain relief and gradually restore the natural function and shape of the foot.

Then again, it is important to understand that there are cases when surgery is necessary. You will have to speak to your doctor about it.

Treating Bunions at Home

It is important that you treat your bunions at home if you do not want it to worsen. Remember that ignoring a bunion will only lead to more pain later on. Aside from using toe gel separators and bunion splints, it also helps to ice your bunion. You also want to change your slippers and socks. Using the right slippers and socks will go a long way in protecting the bunion and decreasing any pressure on your big toe.

Exercises to Relieve Big Toe Pain

Big toe pain does not have to affect your quality of life. Apart from taking care of your feet and applying home remedies, you can also try different bunion exercises to relieve the pain. These exercises are for everybody with big toe pain. They are easy to perform and can be done even if you have limited time or space.


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