Increase the Reach of your Music with Excellent Soundcloud Automated Bot

Modern communication technologies, especially the internet has changed the way the world functions. Information is easily available on everything that can be on any diverse subject. Entertainment of all sorts is just a couple of clicks away. You can also get in touch with anyone anywhere and that too with a first person view on the screen of your smartphone or computer via video calling. Could something so awesome possibly have any negative aspects to it? Who could it hurt? If any sector has suffered from this, it is the independent musicians. The one’s who work hard on their skills, becoming prodigies in their bedrooms and putting everything on the line to provide the world with some valuable music. Now, all one has to do is Google whatever song they like, and can download it for free. For those who do not get how serious the matter is, here is what it takes to make that “free mp3 song” that you so blatantly choose to download for free.

• Years of hard work to develop the necessary skills.

• Money invested in the recording of the music.

• Money invested in polishing the music by mixing and mastering.

• Money invested in promoting the released music.

These are just some of the things musicians go through while releasing original music. Piracy and bootlegging hasn’t hurt the movie and television industry like it has hurt the independent music industry. No one wants to buy music. Young talents coming up in these generations are doing it for the sheer passion behind it, with little or no intent of making money. All they want is their music to be heard. For this, they focus heavily on sharing their music on free websites and applications like Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Bandcamp. These are platforms where musicians can share their original music with the world and promote the same on social media and other platforms. Based on supporters and followers, Soundcloud works no different than your everyday social media site like Facebook or Instagram.

What if there was a way to compensate for all the damage the internet has done to musicians by using it to their advantage? XorBots presents SoundCloudAutomator, a Soundcloud bot that specializes in spreading your music using various methods like following and unfollowing other artists, commenting, liking their material etc. These techniques are strategic in increasing your followers and listeners for music.

About XorBots:

XorBots are the creators of Soundcloud tools as well as Mixcloud online tools like Mixcloud bot which is an exclusive automated service that allows users to listen, share and promote songs, radio stations, DJ mixes and podcasts online. For more information, visit


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