How to Hire Skilled Foundation and Waterproofing Contractors for the Best Results

Foundation repair in Minneapolis requires attention to detail and expertise. Hiring the right foundation contractor with good references and years of experience is extremely important. You cannot rely on any general contractor, you need to hire professional foundation contractor Minneapolis that has experience.

There are many types of concrete and foundation work. Examples of projects include laying a new foundation, building walls, repairing an existing structure, standard concrete work, exposed aggregate, stamped or colored concrete, driveways, sidewalks, basement floors, steps, garage floors and so on. While choosing your contractor, make sure they are licensed. Be clear about how the project will be done and the scope of time you want it done by. Make sure to ask about warranties and set clear expectations with your contractor before starting the job.

Minneapolis waterproofing contractor will help in repairing & replacing defective pumps, baskets, and drain tile installation. Waterproofing contractors are generally skilled in drain tile installation, sump pump installation, and water drainage. If you need a waterproofing contractor you should get references and check out other work they have done in your neighborhood. Have the waterproofing contractor walk you through the steps of the work to make sure they meet your requirements. If you are looking for any of these services J & M Concrete & Waterproofing is the company you want to call ! They have excellent testimonials and ratings on Angies List and 100’s of happy customers.

About J & M Concrete & Waterproofing:

J & M Concrete & Waterproofing has been providing concrete, foundation, and waterproofing services in the Twin Cities for over 20 years. We provide free estimates for services like basement waterproofing Minneapolis , concrete driveways, sidewalks, foundation repairing, and much more!


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