CumulusPro Cloud BPO Solution -Enhancing the Business Productivity for BPO Companies

The changing BPO landscape

In the last 2 decades, the business world has witnessed 2 major disruptors; first, the organizations worldwide have been engaging Business Processes Outsourcing (BPO) to manage operational cost more effectively and secondly, business applications such as CRM and email have begun to make transition towards cloud based systems.

Nowadays, we also see BPO organizations are rapidly adopting cloud delivered “packaged” apps for their customers as they provide standard, generic business functions to all customers. However, with customers with more complex requirements, these packaged apps may not be sufficient and there is a need to deploy a Business Process Management (BPM) application. Such applications can cater for the clients’ need, especially in specific business processes like financial services, healthcare, HR expense claims, accounts payable processes and much more.

However, BPM applications do not share the same simple features as packaged applications,

BPM solutions are platforms for building business processes rather than offering standard functions & features.

There is no ‘one size fits all’. Business Processes requirements vary from customer to customer. Few customers run identical processes.

Constant changes to business processes are the key benefit of BPM platform which has the ability to rapidly adjust processes in minutes in response to changing market requirements.

CumulusPro Cloud BPO solution, a cloud based BPM platform and workflow automation for the BPO represents an opportunity to transform the business case for BPO worldwide and enhance its productivity.

Cloud-based SaaS

The traditional licensing model does not work for most BPO because it requires additional software licenses when the business grows, but there is no way to “return” or “put-on-hold” license fees if business activities reduce. In some cases, the hardware requirements scale up as well. However, the hardware remains and the licenses are under-utilized when business is stagnant. Nevertheless, the BPO has to purchase and maintain software licenses based on the peak periods, not the low seasons. And to set up new processes, costly professional services engagements are required.

With CumulusPro’s SaaS based BPO solutions, the BPO is entitled to unlimited scan, validation stations as well as business processes. With no limitations on the number of these “technical resources”, the BPO’s can have people validate from any location worldwide and can even assign validation to your customers. CumulusPro’s Software-as-a-Service subscription model enables BPOs to pay only for what they use. New business processes, user accounts, workstations and mobile devices can be added in less than a fraction of the time needed in traditional systems with little or no professional services required.

Quick customer onboarding for BPO

CumulusPro Cloud BPO solution intuitive user interfaces and ready-to-use process templates featured with multiple input channels and different LOB connectivity creates amazing opportunity for BPO organizations with specific area of process expertise. BPO’s specialized in vertical expertise eg. Financial services, healthcare, payroll, expense claims, invoice processing etc. can now deploy cloud-based ready processes templates within their own organizations as well as giving access to their customers within days of a proof of concept.

Rapid Prototyping; engaging the customer from the beginning

The quick prototyping feature of CumulusPro cloud solutions for BPO allows clients of the BPO organization to be engaged from the beginning while collaborating in rapid prototyping and testing of process logic from the cloud.

Extending Business Process to multi channel input- Mobile Devices

The cloud BPO solution providedbyCumulusPro supports multiple input channels for distributed capture out-of-the box, offering capturing applications across a variety of mobile devices and form factors. Cloud computing extends the mobile capabilities of the solution through access to cloud based BPM platform, facilitating collaboration and processing from any device, anywhere.

Cloud-based solution which is perfect for the BPO

Resource management is no longer an issue, despite the inevitable project spikes and quiet periods that come with any BPO business. Pay only for what you use without concerns about hardware and software licenses. Furthermore, whilst previously there were limitations on location because of the cost of moving documents physically.

Having a truly cloud-based solution means getting rid of this constraint once and for all. BPO’s customers or their vendors can scan or upload their documents from anywhere in the world. New customers – once provided with the URL, user ID and password – can start scanning business documents to the BPO for processing. All that is required is an Internet browser and a PC/Mac connected with a scanner. No need for costly IT infrastructure and expensive maintenance or upgrades.


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