Successfully Manage your Cloud Based Infrastructure with a Cloud Monitoring Platform

Cloud-based platforms have been gaining popularity in the world of business. A cloud based service refers to resources provided over the internet. The most common cloud service resource used in business is IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). The most basic cloud service model is that of providers offering computing infrastructure and other resources as a service to subscribers. Cloud based platforms in the technology industry have seen constant evolution and now have evolved into multi-cloud arrangements that involve a mix of public and private cloud resources. This is because the businesses demand the best features of different cloud services to form the optimal solution. This has given rise to cloud management platforms. They are quickly becoming the critical component of successful businesses.

A Cloud Management Platform is a collection of optimized tools that are used for automated management of private and public clouds. CMPs allow smooth operation and build from a cloud service by removing the need for cloud silo specific interfaces. Key capabilities of CMPs include self service interfaces for operations, monitoring and end user requests, self-service build, provision and launch of images, metering and billing of resource consumption, workload optimization and governance via policies, workflow, automation and Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Cloud Management Programs are rising as a component of high significance for many reasons. CMPs are important for large organizations that use multiple cloud end points, and are hosting around 5,000 virtual machines. A CMP’s job is to ensure that all these numerous applications and workloads work with full efficiency and are running in approved clouds based on established service management, compliance and governance policies. Using multiple clouds can be tricky and can be a challenge to reconcile which application is in use in which cloud. This is what makes a CMP an excellent tool for infrastructure management and cloud monitoring. Many vendors have developed programs to manage and monitor multiple cloud system and have claimed to provide full CMP functionality. Most of these vendors fall short on their promise and only few can provide all the required functions a good CMP needs.

Cloud management service providers, Unigma fall short on no promises. They have developed a management and monitoring platform that not only functions as a monitoring tool, but also significantly manages the cost of these clouds. The number one tool for Azure monitoring, Unigma has the most fluent and user friendly interface out of most of the products of the same kind that float in the market. With Unigma, one can easily view and correlate metrics from various cloud services, troubleshoot problems without any trouble and view and get alerts on cost metrics. It is a very useful tool to keep the budget of a customer in check.

About Unigma:

Unigma is an efficient cloud monitoring platform, optimized for IT service providers. Its key functions include AWS monitoring, alerting, cost management and reporting for public clouds i.e. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


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