How Adventure Travel to Vietnam Can Be Your Lifetime Experience?

Vietnam is an intoxicating, mesmerizing and basically a super fun country to visit. Due to its rich history and interesting culture, tourism has been a driving force of the Vietnamese economy. In 2004, when the country witnessed a record 2.9 million tourists, an array of touring companies formed and vouched to provide the best services they can offer. After the long awaited departure of SARS, a rare breathing disorder that hit the country; from 1999 to 2004, Vietnam has witnessed a 63% rise in tourism. Vietnam has emerged as a new and trendy place for tourists who wish to explore South-East Asia. Local and international tour operators offer tours to Vietnam and neighboring countries, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Not long ago, Vietnam had an agriculture based economy. But now, most of the economy has been taken over by services like hotel industry, transportation and catering. With important tourist attractions like the Ha Long Bay or the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi, Vietnam has the perfect landmark to showcase their rich and interesting history, making it perfect for leisure visits.

Because of the exquisite natural beauty of the north-east part of the country, Vietnam motorcycle tours are a popular activity amongst tourists. A local Vietnamese travel agency, Adventura Travel provides exceptional packages for tourists who wish to witness the real natural beauty of the country. Adventura Travel was established in 2004 and have been serving visitors of their country with action packed and thrilling adventure and nature tours. The award winning company provides the tourists with mind-blowing adventure experiences like climbing, trekking, elephant riding and animal watching of all sorts. Adventura Travel assigns a personal local tour operator to suit the customer’s requirements. The customer is free to make changes to the plans as they wish, not only before the tour, but also while the tour is active. The tour is complete with a highly knowledgeable tour guide, accommodations, vehicles and all the other necessary arrangements.

Besides being one of the most happening tourism spots, Vietnam has a whole other side to it. The main culture and environment of the country can be experienced only by living in the shroud of ordinary, with the ordinary. This can be achieved by bringing smiles and happiness to disadvantaged people of the country by becoming a volunteer in Vietnam and experience the vibrant nature of the city while doing it. Adventura Travel has special volunteer programs for the people who want to have the full experience of the country, where they can perform activities like child care and giving lessons in English.

About Adventura Travel:

Adventura Travel is a leading and frontrunner travel agency from Vietnam. They specialize in adventure travel and tours of Vietnam and the neighboring countries like Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. For more information, visit


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