Gain Easy Access to SAP IDES System and SAP Hosting Services from Leading IT Firm

Businesses these days, utilize a number of services related to computers and technology. This has become rather important for businesses who want to make it big considering all the competition. SAP is a German MNC that develops and provides enterprise software solutions that aid businesses in better data management across all kinds of industries. SAP (Systems, Application and Products in Data Processing) was found way back in the June of 1972 when its primary target was big time businesses. However, over time due to increasing competition, more and more businesses started adopting various SAP modules developed over time to focus on different areas of work. Professionals can seek proper training and become SAP Network specialists, do courses in SAP FI/CO to control finance and accounts, become SAP database Administrators and Security consultants. SAP implementation is a tedious and complex process and needs professional training get comfortable with. Services can be availed by several SAP hosting providers who offer SAP solutions.

One such SAP solution provider is Ivobe that offers a wide array of solutions for hosting and managing SAP systems in the cloud. These solutions are available for companies and businesses of all sizes and operating levels. They provide their clients with the benefits of the amazing technological services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in-turn reduces the cost of owning a SAP infrastructure. Amazon Web Services are flexible in terms of the capacity of SAP infrastructure needed. There is no upfront cost to start a SAP implementation or project, and the option of being able to operate it anywhere just by logging into the cloud data of Amazon, makes it secure for online SAP server access.

Through Ivobe, you can also gain access to SAP IDES and SAP HANA systems. These systems are used for various purposes such as training, demo and testing. You can go straight to Ivobe’s website and choose between several options of IDES access. A customer can subscribe to a client specific SAP system, or they can share access with multiple customers. The difference between a shared and separate program is the power to modify, manipulate or change data. In a dedicated server however (also made available by Ivobe) the customer is subscribed to a server where only the customer himself has the access.

About Ivobe:

Ivobe is a distinguished IT company from Moscow (Russia) that offers a wide range of solutions for hosting and managing SAP systems integrated with Amazon Web Services. They also have various packages for customers to gain access to SAP IDES system. They have made the use of SAP infrastructure much easier for companies and businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit


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