Eliminate Risks before they Even Occur Using BCM Software Singapore

Organisations have turned into gigantic money making machines that are focused on their work. But this makes them turn a blind eye to the risky factors that grow slowly, and turn into a really bad influence on the company’s growth and reputation. These risks can arise due to globalization and increasing competition. If preventive measures are not taken, it can lead to negative influence on the organization. The preventative measures are called ERM or Enterprise Risk Management Singapore. The purpose of these risk management programs are to identify and plan potential problems before they even occur. As easy as it sounds, every year companies are losing more and more money because of lack of further planning. Thus, professional companies are hired by organizations, which have the expertise to properly plan these risk preventions. These services include processes like internal audit, process management, and many more.

One such company that specializes in keeping your business safe is Tricor Roots Consulting. They have an array of services like compliance management, incident management, corporate governance and operational risk governance. The company follows the common corporate objective, GRC; which means Governance, Risk and Compliance. This involves understanding the impact of minor risks on an up and running business, and improving governance though more effective compliance. Another exceedingly vital service provided by the company is Business Continuity Management Singapore (BCM).

The traditional or old school methods are slow and less efficient, and thus the company has made avialabe an updated version of the BCM software, CCM. Corporate Continuity Manager or CCM is a Business continuity management enabler that’s based on ISO 22301, BS 2599 and SS 540 standards. The CCM conducts a business impact analysis, ensures risk scenarios are assesed, conduct call tree testing, and immediate call on the business continuity plan.

About Tricor Roots Consulting

Tricor Roots Consulting is a leading company offering GRC and Process Management solutions that helps the organizations from massive and even minor risks that can end up with the organization bearing any kind of loss. The BCM software Singapore called Corporate Continuity Manager (CCM) by the firm aids in identifying threats to an organization.For further information, visit Tricor-roots.com.


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