Importance of Database that Provides Comprehensive Information Regarding Explosives Detection Equipment

Science has contributed so much to the world, for instance, technology, energy, industrialization; and basically everything that simplifies the life of humans. Sometimes the gifts of science like chemical, biological, nuclear and radioactive agents can have negative impact on public safety and health. Major threat posing factors are usually the fallouts and uncontrolled conditions pertaining to these chemical, nuclear or radioactive elements. These threats can come in the form of mishaps at a nuclear reactor or a laboratory. To prevent these mishaps from happening, a preventive measure called CBRNE test and evaluation is done using high-end detection equipment. This involves testing, detection, and evaluation of chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosive substances. For these specific purposes machines and equipment are developed and used to detect the operations and the affects of the CBRNE agents.

The information to operate these test equipment can be availed from CBRNE Tech Index which is a reliable database for information on such equipment. This database is developed and managed by MRIGlobal, a leading research institute in Kansas. The database is quite helpful for industries and evaluation personnel to gain full understanding of the equipment they seek. The index has information on various chemical detection equipment as well as biological detection units needed for detection of CBRNE in industries like pharmaceuticals, environment, food safety, water quality and industrial development. The technologies available for biological detection are cell culture, flow cytometry, and spectrometry used for forensics, detection, sample collection etc

CBRNE Tech Index also provides information on radiological and nuclear detection equipment which is usually the ones that detect the presence and identification of a specific radioisotope. Today, major country’s defense is depended on WMDs that involve nuclear technology. The safety of even keeping these weapons needs to be taken care of. The CBRNE Tech Index currently has information on around 300 nuclear and 125 radiological detection equipment and machines. These machines and equipment include Geiger-Muller detectors, helium 3 detectors and semiconductors used for dosimeters, forensics and personal radiation detectors etc.

The database also has information on explosives detection equipment. It enables the users of these products to be able to identify a specific explosive chemical or substance. Other than detection products, information on imaging products is also available in the database. These devices, do not exactly recognize a specific explosive, but visualize locations of high scrutiny. The technologies involved in these products are chromatography, spectrometry and thermal analysis which are used for bulk analysis, trace analysis and screening.

About CBRNE Tech Index:

CBRNE Tech Index is an unbiased and reliable database for detection equipment used for testing and evaluation of the CBRNE agents.For more details, visit


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