Get Instant Bad Credit Loans in Canada against Your Assets

Thousands of financial institutions and banks are willing to give loans to people with low repayment interest rates in exchange to get paid back all of its principal and make a small spread on the interest. But large creditors have an extremely strict loan screening process and qualifications which can be apparent reticence in opening their money faucet to the borrowers with low credit rating. They lend the money with utmost caution. Therefore, credit score plays a very vital role, a 3-digits number that tells them everything about the borrower’s financial state. If a borrower missed their payment installments for a particular period of time or missed bill payments, it will be shown on their credit report as bad credit. This credit information is accessible to various financial institutions and becomes an obstacle for the borrower to attain a loan in the future with larger creditors such as banks. People and businesses with bad credit might be refused by the banks, but they can obtain loans nonetheless from certain financial institutions that provide secured loans; lenders who lend the money based on their assets.

These finance companies provide capital support to people and businesses who are having bad credit scores and history by securing their loans against the debtor’s assets for instance paid-out cars, houses, mobile homes, RV, land, etc. But, it is essential that these assets are proven under the rightful ownership and registration in order for it to be qualified as collateral to secure their loans with. The borrowers require submitting documents of the vehicles or properties they wish to use as collateral after ensuring that there isn’t any outstanding balance, no legal claims against the assets, and has a comprehensive insurance (for vehicles) inclusive of collision and damage coverage.

Cash Lender is one such service who provides financial and monetary support to clients with bad credit and have approved 98% of their loan applications. Based in Vancouver BC, the company extends borrowers loans up to $25,000 which can be repaid within 2 to 5 years time span. As a private lender, Cash Lender provides secured loans for personals and businesses through car title loans Canada, first and second mortgages, home equity loan and many more loan options that suit your short term or long term financial needs. Fill an online application form, submit required documents based on the assets you want to secure your loans with e.g. car title loan requires applicant to submit documents of paid up asset (less than 8 years old) with a comprehensive insurance, proof of ownership and registrations, the rest would be taken care by the professionals of Cash Lender.

About Cash Lender

Cash Lender is British Columbia’s best and leading in bad credit first and second mortgage Canada, providing secured personal and business loans up to $25,000. For more information, visit


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