Set Up an Affordable Virtual Head Office for your Company

The need of hiring a professional law firm, or even an attorney, is neglected by new businesses till the moment it’s their heads on the line. And by that time, it’s too late or too expensive to hire an attorney. Hiring an attorney may not seem so obvious at first. But so many businesses deal with a lot of loss by overlooking this little inexpensive step. Legal loop holes, businesses rivalries, copyright and trademark rights, legal advice; you never know when you might need a lawyer. It’s best to be prepared for the worse, because one minor mistake like this could cost you your company!

After the realization of the fact that you indeed, do need a lawyer to back you up in times of need, next comes the selection and specifications you might need. This includes whether to hire a small practitioner, or a big time firm. Of course, both have their perks and disadvantages. But to opt for a small time practitioner is cheaper, but that’s about it. The biggest perk of this arrangement is that you get to save a lot of money. But hiring a larger firm comes with a big bag of legal goodies. First of all, they’ll have all the legal skills you’ll need. Other than that, they have a maintained reputation which gives them a certain intimidating factor, which you’ll need against rival companies. One such law firm which is always willing to help clients in the best possible way is AS Legal Ltd. – This firm provides legal services for Slovakian residents, making it easy for upcoming businesses to hire a reliable Law firm that always has its customer’s back. Their trademark service is the virtual head office (virtuálne sídlo spoločnosti) set-up where you can have a permanent address in the country’s capital.

Basic virtual head office package starts from a penny-pinching 11, 40-EUR monthly, in which you’ll get consent to the establishment of the registered office, a designated mailbox, full access to updated online database inbox. Other than that, they have extensive packages for more privileges which might be a little costlier than the basic package, but obviously worth every penny you spend.

AS Legal Ltd. – specializes in Ltd. businesses especially sales Ltd. (predaj s.r.o.) or ready-made LLCs for clients who would rather avoid the hefty process of establishing a Limited, and start a business immediately, that too within the comfort of your home.

About AS Legal LTD – Zalozeniesroapredajsro.srk

AS Legal LTD – Zalozeniesroapredajsro.srk is a highly reputed law firm that is based in Slovakia. Some of their many services include virtual head office set-up, established ltd. (založenie s.r.o.), ready-made sales ltd., changes in s.r.oalong with a huge catalogue of all the legal expertise to help you with your business.For more details, visit


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