Scribble Pen | Scribble Pen | Scribble Pen

It happens often that you like some color a lot and want to capture it and bring it to your own color palettes with intentions to use it with your art blending it with your own creativity. But it becomes difficult due to lack of resources available and makes it complicated for you to portray what you exactly wanted to do with your art. The invention of scribble pen has revolutionalized creativity in a very drastic way; with its feature to customize the colors according to your needs. Scribble pen is making things easier and availing the artists to work extensively with a huge variety and combination of colors.

Scribble pen is just named as a pen, but it does work in a manner that was quite complex to be thought of and which is much more than a pen. Scribble pen is widely serving for betterment of your creativity, with this you just have to hover over you any color that you like and then you can create any masterpiece with that scanned color. It is simply performed in 3 easy steps, ready your scribble pen and select the object from where you want to scan your color; Scan that color by simply hovering over the object and then at last, simply, start doodling on whatever you like, either on a piece of paper or on the tablet.

With its capacitive and rubber tip, scribble pen is superbly designed and its compatibility with cross-platform software’s and applications makes it leading and the best of the technological advancements. Scribble pen is embedded with a lot dynamic feature and it is one of a kind that extensively helps to raise the level of your creativity with the option that it opens for anyone. Not just by kids, Scribble pen is highly utilized by the designers, cartoonists etc. for their imaginative and creative illustrations.

Scribble pen has best of the connectivity options; it could be connected easily with Bluetooth and Micro-USB. It comes embedded with RGB color sensors, which helps with the most optimal conversion of color codes. Scribble pen could be your best choice for purpose of increasing your creativity in the most optimal way.


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