How Tensile Rubber Tracks Can Improve the Functionality of Your Heavy-Duty Machines?

In today’s context, technological advancements have contributed immensely to the development of industrial sectors. In the construction industry too, there have been major upgrades and transformations in various processes. A significant number of modern heavy-duty equipment has emerged that are helping in making the construction job easier, safer and quicker. The use of advanced machineries & innovative measures for industrial processes like mining, excavation and construction has greatly reduced the manual efforts and simplified the overall process.

However, usually these heavy machines like loaders, excavators, cranes etc. operate on steel tracks but it has observed that these machines operate with much efficiency if they are used with tensile rubber tracks. The major advantage of using rubber tracks is that they don’t suffer wear and tear or deformations that occur in steel tracks due to long use. High-quality rubber tracks also help to reduce the overall cost of a project, by speeding up the machine and the work process. It is therefore, highly important to use durable tracks (cingolo) in earth movers and other industrial machines to improve its functionality and productivity.

Rubber tracksare some of the widely used types of tracks in heavy-duty machines. A rubber track is essentially a track surface mounted on the alloy wheels of the machines so that it can traverse on the highly uneven surface with perfect grip and without getting slipped on the terrain. These tracks are highly economical and provide the best way to travel across jagged and rocky surfaces with simplicity. Due to the ease and benefits offered by rubber tracks, they have gained wide popularity, and consequently most of the industrial and construction machine users often opt for them.

There are a few companies that supply high-quality rubber tracks. And Toyama is one of them which you can approach to get quality rubber tracks at highly affordable prices. Established as a trademark of the company Bets Ltd. in 2008, it imports the best brands of construction equipment for enhanced efficiency, productivity & minimized labor work.

The skilled personnel of the company are well-qualified and highly experienced & leave no stone unturned in optimization, quality control and selection of rubber tracks. The tracks at Toyama are built with the most accurate and automated production technologies & employ highly advanced rubber vulcanization systems.

About Toyama

Toyama is a renowned supplier and manufacturer of premium quality rubber tracks (cingoli) that are compatible with all sorts of heavy-duty industrial machineries. For more details, visit


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