Source Your Armoured Cable Supplies from a Distinguished Online Seller

Electrical wires and cables form an integral part of the electrical systems both in residential and commercial buildings. These electrical cables installed in homes are necessary to ensure the uninterrupted flow of electrical power in houses. The electrical cables come in various sizes and engineered designs depending upon the area that they serve. For instance, in heavy-industries, copper wire cables are used which can carry heavy electrical voltage load whereas in households, depending upon the voltage supply both aluminium and copper cables are used. Also, in electrical industries Steel Wire Armoured cable or SWA are used to carry the supply of mains electricity power line and these types of cables have the widest application. In-actual SWA is a hard-wearing power cable that includes 11kV and 33kV cable with the conductor made from plain stranded copper– and is normally used in underground systems, power networks and cable ducting.

The armoured cable is of great use in the installations of power networks and underground electrical systems as they are provided with cross-linked polyethylene insulation that offers excellent electrical properties and resistance to water and shocks in extreme work conditions. The SWA cables are manufactured with a steel wire armour that provides mechanical protection to withstand high pressures and stress which allows them to be installed or buried deep in the grounds for power transmission projects. The steel armour of the cable works as an earth wire and is connected to earth to protect the circuit from breakdown or melting in case of voltage fluctuations.

Today, there are certain reliable companies that sell high-quality SWA cables and other associated electrical cable supplies and if you are someone looking for the same, the most recommendable option for you is They are a leading online supplier of quality power cables that stocks a wide range of armoured cables of different sizes and diameters along with other cable accessories like armoured cable joints, cable jacks, cable drum spindles, cable rollers, cable cleats etc. They also sell SWA cable stripper which are used for cutting and stripping of wire strands evenly without damaging the inner conductor. Their strip tool ensures perfect wire trimming and is faster than conventional methods of using knife and hacksaw to cut wires and is designed to expedite SWA cable termination process for electricians and installers.

About is a renowned online supplier of SWA cables of various sizes and core diameters that are designed to be compatible with both industrial and household electricity cable installations. They also sell armoured cable glands and otherarmoured cable accessories. To know more, visit


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