Get Durable and High Quality Armoured Cable from Reputable Online Stores

SWA or also referred as Steel Wire Armoured cable is one of the most essential supplies that has a wide application in electrical industries. It is such type of power cable which is specifically designed for supply of mains electricity at houses and in industrial facilities. These cables have an extensive use in heavy-duty power transmission projects and laying electricity lines for industrial power supplies. These are also simply referred as booklet-armoured cables, mains cable and power cables and an armoured cable has various indoor and outdoor applications cable ducting, underground system wiring etc.

Moreover, these electrical cables along with accessories like cable glands, cable cleats and cable joints form an integral part of electrical installation systems. For instance, a cable gland is basically a device that allows the entry of a cable in any electrical equipment. Using armoured cable glands has a lot of benefits and their uses are highly recommended by expert electricians in laying cable installations. They have numerous pros like strain relief, grounding, earthing, sealing, retention, insulation and bonding. Apart from these, all the accessories have their own advantages and they are used according to the requirements.

If you are someone who is looking for quality armoured cables and all the important accessories, there are many companies which you can approach. You can even find accessories over online stores. However, out of many online companies can be a perfect option for you. It is one of the leading online suppliers that offer the widest range of top-quality armoured cables and all other relevant accessories at highly competitive market rates. The company has a great range of products and along with SWA cables it also offers all different accessories including armoured cable glands, armoured cable cleats, cable rollers, cable jacks etc. They provide incredible quality products and believe in 100% customer satisfaction as all of their electrical cable supplies are compatible with British Standard of design and quality.

About is a reliable web-based platform through which you can order armoured cables of 2 core, 3 core and 4 core specifications. They also sell armoured cable glands, armoured cable cleats, armoured cable joints and other cable accessories at affordable market rates. For more information, visit


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