Save Construction Time and Labour Cost with Reliable Prefabricated House Builders

Prefabrication is one of the most advantageous facilities available today. It is basically manufacturing of the products or components in the factory and then simply assembling at the site. And nowadays it is widely being used for the construction of houses that are normally referred as pre-fabricated house. The major reason associated with pre-fabricated houses is that they can be easily constructed. Normally, the components of these houses such as walls, roofs, door, windows, etc. are manufactured in a particular factory and then transferred to the construction site which significantly lessens the labour and masonry cost and in-all boosts the construction process.

Moreover, prefabricated houses (montazne kuce) are movable and are constructed with a great quality assurance and build code standards. Wastage in prefabricated houses is also extremely low as compared to direct construction at the site. Property damage due to vandalism and theft of equipments and material is also less and the construction of these houses is also independent of weather conditions. The workers at the prefabricated construction factories also get a protected, healthy as well as safe & secure environment along with higher comfort levels than construction sites. Additionally, high degree of customization is available due to computerization of the process of production, and that too at nominal and affordable costs.

However, prefabrication also comes with a lot of issues such as municipality zone issues, transport issues (risk of getting damaged in transit), etc. But where there are issues, there are solution providers. And these issues are well managed by Savox. Savox is one of the leading companies that specialize in manufacturing of pre-fabrication house components and also offer outstanding level of maintenance services for prefabricated houses. The company has a team of skilled workmen who ensures to offer 100% quality in their manufactured equipments and products that can be assembled easily at the construction site. Also, you can get your house customized according to the details you want.

About Savox

Established in the year 1989, Savox is one of the most trusted and renowned prefabrication company that manufacture and offer quality components including windows, doors, pellets etc. for the construction of prefabricated houses (montažne kuće). For more information, visit


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