Get Electronic Circuit Board Repair Services from a Reliable Company

The electronics industry is the major driving force behind the significant development of the economy that has blessed the world with a variety of industrial grade machines and equipment which have simplified the industrial tasks to a great extent. There are just a few organizations in the world that are engaged in researching, designing and manufacturing of different types of electronic devices and components which are essential for the smooth working of industries that deliver various products and services for the betterment and ease of mankind. For that matter, industries utilize the most advanced equipment and machineries which go a long way in streamlining the day-to-day operations while saving a large chunk of money and time.

These industrial machines are extremely useful and important as they simply enhance the efficiency and overall performance of the industrial facilities and large manufacturing units which they serve. The commonly used electronic and instrumentation machines include Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) frequency converter, Computer Numeric Controls (CNC), industrial monitors, AC/DC drives, sensors, analyzers, test equipments and a variety of other important process control equipment that majorly contribute in the smooth accomplishment of numerous day-to-day industrial tasks in big industries.

Considering the importance of industrial equipment, it is extremely important for the professionals to keep the machines well maintained and in top working condition to reap maximum productivity and profits. However, various industries have to deal with tough time when such devices and equipment break down or stop functioning which not only hampers the productivity of the organization but also leads to costly repairs and maintenance works. Fortunately, there are a few reliable electronic repair and maintenance service providers like Rom-Control Pty Ltd which you can take into consideration for all kinds of industrial engineering services including electronic circuit board repair and management of process control equipment.

Rom-Control Pty Ltd is one of the leading companies that specialize in providing world class engineering and refurbishment services of electronic and process control machines for different industries to enable their smooth day-to-day operations. It has been successfully serving various industries New Zealand and Australia for many years and has helped them in getting their faulty equipment repaired and refurbished with higher accuracy and precision. Recently, they have also started the distribution and supply of intrinsically safe tablet developed by Aegex Technologies that provide intrinsically safe mobility solutions for hazardous environments in chemical, oil & gas, public safety and utilities markets. The different enterprise-class applications and accessories embedded in the device would surely help you in fulfilling your industrial requirements.

About Rom-Control Pty Ltd:

Rom-Control Pty Ltd is a leading company that provides excellent repair and refurbishment services for all kinds of electronic equipment which includes variable speed drives and other similar process control equipment. For more details, feel free to visit


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