Get Cloud-based Business Process Automation Solutions

BPM or Business process management can be defined as a systematic approach to improve the workflow of an organization to be more efficient and effective, making organizations more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. In the last decade, on-premise BPM or business process management solution has been the norm for most organizations. However in the last 2 years, with an increasing awareness and therefore wider market adoption of the cloud technology and a standardization of how business processes are described in BPMN 2.0, cloud based BPM solutions that promises scalability and flexibility on process enactment are taking the stage.

If your organization is looking for such Cloud BPM platform, then you may get effective solutions for your organization’s process needs through CumulusPro. Straatos is a Cloud BPM platform providing Business Process Automation and workflow management solution. Whether it is from multiple input channels from mobile capture, web scanning, email attachments, automated document transformation processes like OCR and document classification and manual work activities like data entry, validation and workflow approval, Straatos enables organization to engage and interact with internal knowledge workers, external stakeholders and easily integrates with any business system.

Everything starts from an intuitive designed web based process designer that allows process aware professionals to design organization’s business process in BPMN 2.0 standards. With the same designer, users can configures each work activity that is required.

Included in the solution is a self-learning classification engine, Straatos automatically classifies documents based on their extracted content and triggers relevant business processes instances, leading to higher efficiency (since the classified documents are sent quickly and triggered automatically in pre-defined business processes).

In terms of scalability and reliability, Straatos leads the cloud BPM arena since it is built on cloud technology. Not only can Straatos be scaled vertically on demand, a feature provided by Cloud computing, Straatos can scale horizontally with the ability to host multiple business process instances, connects with multiple input devices and connecting with multiple business systems. The other advantage of adopting a cloud based BPM platform solution is that there is no support staff required for installation, maintenance or to manage these processes. Also, with Straatos you can achieve a quick and fast access because it is completely web based cloud solution. Straatos takes less space, and makes no compromise in speed and stability.

About CumulusPro Straatos:

CumulusPro is a company that is renowned for developing a cloud based business process management platform which makes it convenient to share data anywhere at any time. CumulusPro Straatos is a Cloud BPM platform providing efficient workflow solutions. It enables the users to process their documents remotely for any purposes. For further details, visit


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