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Industrial printers have long been used as an indispensable source for digital printing of posters, banners and textiles for spreading information, advertisement, notifications and public notices for the awareness of people. They use advanced printing technology and are bigger in size as they are specifically designed to cater the printing requirements of bigger industries which deal in production, marketing and promotion of various products and services.

The digital inkjet printers which are commonly used in the print industry include Eco solvent printers, UV printers, water based printers, laminators and its other variants which are used by different organizations as per their industrial requirement. Among these printers, UV printers are much popular as their print head releases UV curable ink which has good adsorbing capacity that produces a clear and permanent print on any kind substrate it is used on. If you run a business of printing posters and banners for companies to promote their products and services, then you must have robust vertical industrial printers at your facility. is one of the renowned solvent printer suppliers and manufacturers that offer a wide range of digital industrial printers from which you can select and buy an industrial printer that suits your industrial requirement.

Their high-end Eco solvent printer based on micro-piezo printing technology are used for designing graphics, images and texts on big sheets of papers and other substrates like plastic and fiber sheets with multiple colors and pin sharp pixel quality. They manufacture one-of-a-kind digital dye sublimation printers which are based on advanced thermal technology that reduces the excess power consumption and make them an eco-friendly variant of their counterparts. Being one of the distinguished digital textile printer manufacturers in Shanghai, they manufacture textile printers which produce fine quality prints on T-shirts, bed linen, sportswear, curtains, and other commercial and household fabrics.

They also manufacture cutting plotters, engraving machine, laminators and other relevant materials of print industry like print heads, ink and other spare parts. They offer impeccable services of shipping the machines at your facility within the stipulated time with complete assurance of safety.

If you are someone who wishes to install industrial printers which are brand new, robust and superior in technology, then is your go-to source to buy them at competitive prices.


Established in 2007, is a leading company in Shanghai that manufactures and supplies high-quality digital industrial printers which include water based printers, solvent printers, UV printers and Eco solvent printers at affordable Eco solvent printer prices. For more details, visit


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Vertical industrial printers have long been an integral part of printing industry which is one of the largest global manufacturing industriesin the world. As the name suggests, the industrial printers serve the high end commercial demands of various sectors of economy which comprises publishing houses, financial services, public authorities, manufacturing industries and distribution services. The digital inkjet printers used in industries operate on scientific technology and include UV printers, eco solvent printer, digital textile printer water based printer cum laminator andmany more. All of these industrial printers employing high-end technology, used for printing banners, posters and printing graphics on textiles have become invariable part of advertisement and marketing industry for boosting promotion and sales of their products and services.

As the banners, posters and the textile prints are a source of information and advertising, there demand in market is always high. To produce an informative banner with better graphics and pixel clarity, there is an equal need of a high quality printer that can produce prints in stipulated time with high precision. For instance, the UV printers used in print industry can produce high-quality prints on rigid substrates like poster board, foam board, and other wooden materials. The UV ink released from the printer heads are quick to adsorb on to the fiber of material resulting in a highly durable print of better clarity and that does not require lamination to protect them.

To have such quality printing materials, big companies and organizations need a high-quality printer from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. is one of the distinguished digital textile printer manufacturers across the world, and they excel in manufacturing a wide array of digital inkjet printers for industries. Their digital dye sublimation printers produce quality print on textiles like sportswear, T-shirts, bed linen and produce colorful banners, canvas and other coated fabrics. also manufactures Eco solvent printers which are based on micro piezo printing technology and have DX7 print heads which spray fine ink droplets with consistency on the print material and produce pin sharp images with radiant colors which are water proof and abrasion resistant.

Their transfer printing systems comprises of user friendly interface that doesn’t demand for skilled personnel to operate them. Apart from aforementioned printing systems, the company also manufactures, water based printers, cutting plotter and engraving machines.

About is a Shanghai based leading manufacturer and solvent printer suppliers of a wide range of industrial printers. They offer safe and on-time delivery of printers for overseas customers also. To know more, visit

Buy Durable Digital Textile Printers from a Specialist Manufacturer

The highly efficient industrial digital printers form an invariable part of the printing industry that serves almost all commercial dimensions in today’s business landscape. From printing big sized posters, banners to producing graphics and images on textiles like sportswear, T-shirts, wall decorations and outdoor advertisings, these printers offer a wide range of services for the printing industry. Thus, these printers become an indispensable source for producing end materials like banners which form an integral part of marketing, promotion and advertising companies.

One such industrial printer is digital textile printer which is a prerequisite for the efficient performance of the textile industry and to produce fine quality prints with improved designs and pixel clarity. The digital textile printers employing latest printing technology have various benefits which include low water and power consumption, lesser wastage of ink, reduced requirement for space as sampling and production can be done on the same printer and producing multi-colored print which is abrasion and water resistant. These factors altogether make the tasks of printing easier and much efficient, with lesser needs of printing inventory.

Another efficient machine that can be used for producing high-clarity printing results is flatbed UV printer. A few out of many benefits of using UV ink are its durability, eco-friendly nature, scratch resistance and the waterproof nature that eliminates the requirement of lamination. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, using flatbed UV printers is advantageous as they are economic, have fast curling speed, can print multiple passes over the same image and are robust against the wear and tear of the heavy industrial use. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality industrial printers from where you can source digital inkjet printers and digital dye sublimation printers depending upon your industrial printing demands. They have an array of vertical industrial printers you may choose from according to your requirement, such as Eco solvent printers, digital textile printers, UV printers, solvent printers and lamination and engraving machines. They also have their own manufacturing unit and research institute which work in parallel to get you the best printing machines for your industrial use. Apart from offering timely delivery of printers at your facility, they also offer after-sale service for their clients like maintenance and repair work for the machine, which make them an ideal supplier to source industrial printers with least hurdles.

About is based in Shanghai, China which manufactures and supplies higher industrial grade printers and they are an ultimate source to buy UV printer or other such industrial printers. For further details, you can visit

MENArate: Wholesale Buying and Selling in UAE Made Easy

In today’s challenging economy and competitive business landscape, marketing and branding have turned out to be the most crucial elements that can make or break the chances of success of a business. Certainly, it is much more than a mere necessity for every owner to employ new and unique marketing strategies to promote their business in order to maximize profit and take their venture to new heights of success. Marketing and promotions are basically the voice of your company which help you reach a wider market and grab the attention of more and more customers, thereby, letting them know about your existence. Without effective marketing strategies, it is next to impossible for you to promote your products and services which can eventually hamper the growth and success of your business. However, by using efficient branding strategy and choosing an apt media platform, you can achieve your desired business goals and objectives without spending a fortune.

There are a few trustworthy companies and web sources like MENArate that render a reliable platform to list your shop along with your offerings to increase your exposure and enhance your sales volume. In fact, such dedicated web resources are equally beneficial for both business owners and potential buyers. For sellers, the flexible internet-based sources are like an online wholesale market where they can create their own web-pages to list their products including cell phones, laptops, desktops, peripherals and cellular accessories along with updating product lists and uploading latest news and updates. Similarly, for buyers, the web-based sources are a brilliant platform where they can check out new products, compare specifications and prices and make a well informed decision.

MENArate is a dedicated web platform that helps you find the finest product sale offers in their online directory. Launched in 2015, they endeavor to keep their users updated about the latest offers in mobile technologies. They provide sellers a reliable platform to create their own webpage so that they can easily promote and sell their products online. The new and integrated promotional tools of the company help to inform their valuable customers about the comparison of higher quality and lower price range compared to their competitors. MENArate also offer a privilege to hold any promotional events and create discounts to attract the customers to encourage wholesale buying. They go an extra mile to provide the largest presentation possible on their site.

About MENArate:

MENArate is one of the widely recognized and reputable online sources which offer excellent wholesale market in Dubai where sellers can list their products for sale along with providing an effective platform from where buyers can purchase hi-tech phones, tablets, laptops, monitors or phone accessories

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